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Identify emerging value within Asia's markets
   ― Nurture its realization into portfolio alpha
Who we are
Our goal is transformation, through good process.
We believe that the market frequently overlooks current value and near-term potential because of its own biases. Our thorough operating process allows us to identify resulting risk mispricings.
It is something we demonstrate to our investees, to help them improve governance and receive credit for that improvement.
We can achieve these goals by following three principles of good investment process. By being:
Who we are
Independent - We depend on no single distributor or information source so, we are able to hear without responding to outside pressure and we are accountable entirely to our clients
Systematic - Our approach is comprehensive & rigorous. We analyze the region from the bottom up, even though we concentrate advice upon the most liquid mean reversion trends. We review our performance and decision process, against that of the market - continually - to learn from everyone's experience.
Adaptive - We are proactive in analysis and decision-making, collaborative with our partners and investees, and we work for constant improvement in our operations. This is where we combine our approach to analyzing information with our approach to analyzing other market participants in order to achieve consistent performance.